Focused Diffused Lighting (FDL)

Originating in South Africa and pioneered by photographer Sarel van Staden, Focused Diffused Lighting gives objects a soft, glowing radiance. I've been experimenting in FDL for about a year now and find it's an amazing format to shoot high-end vehicles as well as the everyday car (like the green Trabant in this gallery).

Plymouth Barracuda

While shooting their Toyota Land Cruiser, the owners told me about their Plymouth Barracuda that had just come out of paint. It was late fall at the time, so it took until spring before we could meet up. Every last aspect of restoration was considered on this car, and the paint job is so good it looks like it's two feet thick!

1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass

There are car enthusiasts, who like to look at cars. There are car collectors, who collect a few classics. And then there are car nuts, who are passionate and dedicated to their vehicles. The owner of this Cutlass is one of those people. "Suki" as she is named, is the family's pride and joy (and her principal mechanic is the owners' teen daughter - who could wrench circles around most enthusiasts and collectors, by the way).

1957 Chevy Bel-Aire

The owner of this Bel-Aire tracked me down at a car show and asked if I'd shoot some images. I was awestruck at the care Mike, a Vietnam veteran, put into restoring this amazing car. Every single detail - nothing was overlooked. Some cars just really photograph themselves - all I have to do is point, focus, and click.

1976 Corvette

If you own a 1976 Corvette Stingray and you don't have a huge bald eagle on the hood, you need to rethink your life. 'Murica! This Stingray is a work-in-progress and was so much fun to shoot with the owner and his father.


The early Datsun Z's are famous for a few things: good lucks, great performance (for the era), and the ability to melt before your very eyes thanks to a rust-prone sheet metal. The owner of this Z was incredibly lucky to find it in this condition in one of the most corrosive environments in the United States. Almost entirely original, this Z drives like its brand new.


The owner of this Corvair van planned to strip it and restore it, because of its rare 12-panel configuration. However as he looked into the images on the van and their meanings, he realized it had been a part of the 60's and 70's peace movement. So he's preserving the van as-is.


While shooting a private collection, I kept walking past this war-era Dodge truck on my way to the studio. And it just kept calling to me. The light quality changed throughout the day and I couldn't help but stop and make more images of it.


The owner of this Ford F-150 FX-4 was looking for images to share on social media. Southern Utah's "Joshua Tree National Natural Landmark" provided the perfect backdrop for this rugged pickup truck.

Toyota Land Cruiser

The owners of this Toyota Land Cruiser contacted me to make images for their for-sale posting. They were thrilled with the images, and the sale was a smashing success. It just goes to show, a small investment in professional photos can make a huge difference in your sale price.

2008 Saturn Sky Redline

In 2006, Saturn (along with Pontiac, Opel, and Daewoo) released its Kappa-based sports car. The owner still gets confused looks when strangers see the Saturn emblem on what looks like an exotic super car.

Subaru BRZ

My first formal shoot for an owner was this Subara BRZ located in the Tampa area. The shoot was a ton of fun, I learned a lot, and we were both thrilled with the images!

Car Shows

If you love cars, you go to car shows. You can see an amazing variety of vehicles, and they're all shined up and begging to be documented!

Ford F150 Custom

The owner of this Ford F150 custom truck asked for help documenting it as he readied it for sale. Not only was it a fun shoot (during COVID, which made it all the more special), but the seller sold it for 30% more than he paid just a few years prior. Hiring a professional to shoot your car for sale pays off in spades!


Every two years, the United States Air Force's Thunderbirds team visits Hill Air Force Base in Northern Utah. For two days the skies are filled with acrobatics and flight skills you'd think were impossible. Meet the "Warriors over the Wasatch," but don't take my word for it - you better come visit (last full weekend in June, on the even year).