Car Sale Photography

Yes, it’s true – you have to pay to get excellent photographs. However, it won’t cost you a king’s ransom: I generally charge a flat rate of $300 per shoot – it varies a bit based on location and complexity (if you want video and a zillion images, obviously it’ll cost a bit more). But hiring a professional photographer pays off in spades down the road when it comes time to list and sell your car.

Case in point… The owner of this F150 custom asked me to shoot it prior to him listing it for sale. He ended up selling it for $8k more than he paid, just a few years later.

1954 Ford F-150 Custom

The owner of this Toyota Land Cruiser had the same experience. We decided on a camping theme to go with the images, since the Land Cruiser is famous for its backcountry capabilities. The truck sold and the owner got a great price for it.

Toyota Land Cruiser

If you are thinking of selling your car – classic or pedestrian – contact me. I’ll help you make it look its best, and you’ll fetch a fantastic price.